Watch the Exclusive 'Game of Thrones' Clip From Jimmy Kimmel Live

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As Game of Thrones fever heightens, Iwan Rheon, Michael McElhatton and Alfie Allen visited the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to chat about the upcoming season and also dropped off an exclusive clip.

Rheon, Allen and McElhatton took a seat on Kimmel's couch and the host kicked the interview off by saying how strange it was to see them together in real clothes rather than their costumes. Kimmel asked Rheon to explain what he did to Allen in the show and he could only describe it as the removal of an appendage for pleasure.

To put it in simpler terms, Allen says he had his willy chopped off. Allen says he was pretty much aware of what would happen in Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, McElhatton says that he dipped out after the second book and is solely working off the script like many of his cast members. Kimmel asked if they were at the screening event for the season six premiere and all of the stars said that they were in attendance.

Allen said there were two cinemas that were filled up.

Kimmel is surprised that nothing has leaked from this season as oppose to last season where a couple of episodes surfaced just days before the premiere.

Kimmel says people genuinely don't want to ruin the show for others because of how much they enjoy the show.

Iwan Rheon, Michael McElhatton and Alfie Allen on Game of Thrones

The guys also chatted a bit about fans in the U.S. v.s. fans in the U.K. The guys say that the fans in the U.S. are nicer and optimistic to the surprise of Kimmel. McElhatton says that Americans would politely mention it after having a conversation. Rheon and Allen says that they do hang out together and people can't believe that they are actually friends in real life.

After all of the fun Kimmel revealed that they had an exclusive clip from the show. Allen explained it as Theon leading Sansa into the water and away from the hounds. After the clip Kimmel says he believes fans would believe that it was all just acting if Rheon and Allen hugged but they not only hugged, there was a small kiss involved as well.

All of the hugging was pretty infectious which finally caught the three stars in one group hug at the end.

You can check out the exclusive clips and hug-fest in the video below. Game of Thrones is schedule to premiere on Sunday, April 24.

Watch the Exclusive 'Game of Thrones' Clip From Jimmy Kimmel Live

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