Box Office: Black Panther Manages To Fend Off Tomb Raider For The Top Spot

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Marvel's Black Panther movie is still the King of the Box Office.

This is because the film has held the top spot for five weeks in a row fending off the new release of Tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander playing video game icon Lara Croft.

As reported by Deadline, Black Panther is number one for the fifth week in a row earning an impressive $27 million this weekend.

Its North America total now stands at $605.4 million and the film could overtake the $623 million that the first Avengers movie got back in 2012.

Including its worldwide total, Black Panther has now earned $1.183 billion and is on track to get a profit of $461 million for both Disney and Marvel Studios.

This momentum is going to be helpful by the time Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27th, 2018.

The Tomb Raider movie reboot had to settle for second place earning just $23.5 million over the weekend. This is kind of underwhelming for a movie that cost well over $90 million to make not including marketing costs. 

That said, Tomb Raider was still the number 1 movie out worldwide earning around $108 million. The movie has to make $275 million or so worldwide in order to break even which might be hard to achieve. 

Word of mouth for Tomb Raider is a bit mixed as the Cinemascore only got a B grade.

This is similar to Rotten Tomatoes as the movie has a 49 percent critics rating, although the audience score is more favorable at 70 percent so far.

It will be interesting to see if Tomb Raider will be successful enough to warrant a sequel in the near future.

The film does tease that a sequel is on the cards, although this all depends if the film can still manage to get a profit.

Despite Tomb Raider not being a great movie (see my review), I'm still hoping the movie is successful. I'm interested to see what can be done if a sequel is made.

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