GLOW Season 2 Review: Episodes 1 And 2

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GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is in its second season on Netflix and it's still one of the best shows on the entire network.

Season 2 kicks off where season 1 left off as the ladies are more confident in their abilities now to wrestle inside a wrestling ring.

Ruth (Alison Brie) is still the main focus of the show, although there are more story arcs for the other characters too.

Most of the characters from the first season are back and are the same as ever. Not to mention the cast look more confident inside the ring as they looked nervous in the first season.

Episode 1 is called 'Viking Funeral' and this is where the ladies are inside of a mall shooting an opening sequence for the show.

Ruth directs everything herself while the real director Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron) is elsewhere preparing to shoot another show in another location.

While it's nice to see the gang back together, they are joined by a new cast member named Yolanda (Shakira Barrera).

The addition of a new character causes some tension with the original cast members as they feel she "doesn't belong" in their clique. It's a play of the real life wrestling industry because everything is political.

While episode 1 focuses on the promo, episode 2 is more interesting because Debbie (Betty Gilpin) has arranged for a new contract and demands to be a producer on the show.

This basically means she has creative control so she can help make or break the show along with management.

Again, I liked the real life scenarios GLOW presents to use because Debbie's character reminds me a lot about WWE's Triple H. Triple H in real life also used political power plays in order to book his own matches and feuds even though he was still on the active roster. It's usually not ethical to book yourself to be strong, but this happens a lot in the wrestling industry.

While I did enjoy watching both episodes, the only thing I did not like about them is the character of Sam.

Sam seems more grumpy and grouchy this season compared to the first season and it seems out of character to act like this.

Before he was nervous about getting the show off the ground, but now he acts like a douchebag 24/7.

Sam was more humorous in the first season, but at the start of Season 2 he's angry and unlikable. I guess this is just a way to create more drama as GLOW is both a comedy and a drama.

Anyway, the first two episodes actually lack any "wrestling", but I do like how the show is realistic to the professional wrestling industry.

Season 2 so far is looking great and I cannot wait to watch and see the remaining eight episodes to see how it all ends.

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