Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review/Recap: Goku Meets Android 17 For The First Time

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Dragon Ball Super episode 86 was on this week with Goku still recruiting members for the Tournament of Power.

This week, Goku meets Android 17 for the very first time and we get to see what the character has been doing after all these years.

There is even a tease for a character that we might see in the near future.

At the start of this Dragon Ball Super episode, Goku asks Dende about the whereabouts of Android 17. Dende tells him that Android 17 is no longer evil and doesn't want to kill Goku.

He now works on an island that serves as a wildlife sanctuary. Not only that, but he has settled down as he has a wife and some kids of his own

Before Goku goes down to meet Android 17, Dende talks about a powerful village boy. He says Goku should meet the boy some day and train him.

This boy ends up being Uub who is the reincarnation of the evil Majin Buu. Goku says he will check him out one day, but is disappointed he's still a child since he cannot participate in the Tournament of Power

As Goku flies down to the island, he can see that Android 17 is already gotten himself into a bit of action.

An army of poachers have arrived to hunt for the animals on the island. Android 17 can hold his own though.

Goku flies in to introduce himself and mentions that this is the first time they have met. Android 17 says he recognizes his voice.

The two then beat up some more poachers with ease. Android 17 has really changed since he has a no-kill policy even for the poachers/hunters.

Goku wonders why all of the poachers are here. The poachers are after a creature called a Minotaurus.

The horns of the Minotaurus sell for lots of money. Not to mention it is close to extinction so Android 17 is doing all he can to protect it and the other animals on the island

Since the two never really met one another, Goku wants to spar with Android 17 to see how strong he is.

Goku powers up to the Super Saiyan form and the two fight. The fight is somewhat evenly matched, and Android 17 even punches Goku in the gut multiple times

Goku reveals that he is holding back and powers into Super Saiyan Blue. He then fires off a Kamehameha wave, but Android 17 manages to block it with a force field.

The two keep fighting until they crash into the water. Android 17 decides to stop the fight as he feels if they continue, they might destroy the island nearby.

After the fight, the two sit down to catch up. Android 17 is grateful that he was resurrected by the Dragon Balls to have a nice life with his wife and three kids.

Two of them are adopted and he shows his family to Goku on his smartphone.

Sadly, they didn't show us (the audience) what his family looks like! This was the only bad thing about this episode. Maybe they will show us his family in a later episode.

Anyway, Android 17 wonders why Goku is here in the first place. Goku talks about the Tournament of Power, but Android 17 doesn't want to participate.

Even though Goku says it will only be a two hour tournament, Android 17 doesn't want to leave the island unattended. Goku offers Trunks and Goten to help, but he refuses.

Goku breaks Gohan's rule of not telling anyone about the Universe getting erased.

Android 17 still doesn't want to participate as he says everyone will be wiped out the same time and that's out of anyone's control. The episode ends with some aliens from space coming to Earth to hunt the Minotaurus!

This episode was really cool as it shows us how strong Android 17 has been after all of these years.

I always wondered what Android 17 has been doing so it's nice we get some background on him. The little fight scene was also pretty cool, even though it did end abruptly.

The only kind of strange thing to me is how strong Android 17 has become.

Apart from Vegeta, Android 17 might be the only other person living on Earth that can stand up to the Super Saiyan Blue version of Goku. I guess Android 17 hasn't been slacking off all these years!

It was also interesting that they referenced Uub already.

We might see Uub in a future episode of Dragon Ball Super if they follow through with their teases. There are only 31 hours 41 minutes until the Tournament of Power! Can Universe 7 win to save their own lives?

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