Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Review/Recap: Goku vs. Jiren Starts

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We have a double episode this week for Dragon Ball Super.

This review will cover the events of episode 109 while a separate post will talk about episode 110. Both of these episodes have been highly anticipated mainly because a huge fight is going down between Goku and Jiren.

Anyway, Dragon Ball Super episode 109 starts off with Goku battling Ribrianne.

Ribrianne's plan if she wins the Tournament of Power is to be the Goddess of Love. As you might remember, the winner(s) of the tournament have access to the Super Dragon Balls for any wish they want.

Goku doesn't know what he wants to wish for yet, but says he wishes to meet someone stronger than he is. Ribrianne doesn't think that wish is required because she thinks she's already stronger than Goku is.

Ribrianne gets help from her teammates to "transform". She pretty much looks the same, but now has little wings on her back like a butterfly. She now calls herself Super Ribrianne.

Despite the increase in power, it doesn't appear as if Goku is taking the fight seriously. He manages to knock Ribrianne out of the sky and she lands in front of Jiren who is just standing still.

Ribrianne runs away like a chicken as she doesn't want to fight Jiren. Jiren then has a staredown with Goku

This is the fight that everyone has been waiting for since the tournament first started.

Jiren has been hyped to be one of (if not the) strongest fighter in the entire Dragon Ball universe up to this point. Is Goku strong enough to hang with Jiren?

Jiren is tasked to take out Goku and isn't going to hold back his power. He is going to ignore the rest of the weaker fighters for now.

Goku is his main focus for now. Everyone feels Jiren's immense power. The fight of the century is about to go down!

Goku starts to test out Jiren's power in multiple forms. He blasts a Kamehameha in his base form and then starts to attack as a Super Saiyan.

After that, he kicks Jiren as a Super Saiyan 2 but nothing seems to be doing anything. Jiren just stands there taking all the abuse, without even flinching.

Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God, and this is enough to at least make Jiren block Goku's punch with his hand. Still, all of Goku's forms aren't doing any damage to Jiren.

Goku knows that's not all he has, so he transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. Currently, this is Goku's strongest form.

It's quite interesting at this point that all of the other fighters have stopped what they are doing. They want to see how the two top warriors fare in this big fight too.

As Goku is Super Saiyan Blue, Jiren actually has to start fighting back. Still, Jiren isn't using his full power and manages to blast Goku away. Jiren thinks Goku has been eliminated, but Goku is not going away that easily.

Goku then powers up to his most strongest form yet. This is Super Saiyan Blue mixed with the Kaio-ken.

Even with his strongest attack, Jiren easily knocks Goku away without exerting any energy. Jiren is arguably the toughest opponent Goku has ever faced.

Goku however has the never give up mentality like John Cena and promises to do one more attack. Goku's trump card is the reliable Spirit Bomb attack. The remaining Universe 7 fighters lend their power to Goku.

Even Frieza lends his power. The most interesting part is Vegeta is the only person that refuses to lend power to Goku. Jiren is patient and waits for Goku to complete the Spirit Bomb.

A cool touch to this scene is that an instrumental version of the main Dragon Ball Super theme is played while Goku gathers the energy.

The music goes well with this particular scene. It is Universe 7's Spirit Bomb and Goku feels it should be strong enough to hurt Jiren

Alas, Jiren is no ordinary fighter. He manages to deflect the Spirit Bomb with just one hand! Goku tries to push the bomb back to Jiren, but to no avail.

Episode 109 ends on a cliffhanger as Goku struggles to fight back. Check out our review of episode 110 by clicking here.

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