Andi Mack Renewal for Season 3: Disney Bets Big

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Andi Mack has certainly been a departure for Disney considering that the subject matter has been far more mature and some would say, even controversial for the typical tween set. This is in comparison to its usual shows such as "That's so Raven" or "Lizzy Maguire" which never covered topics such as divorce, teen pregnancy or sexuality.

But today in the news, Disney announced that it would be renewing the show for a third season, indicating that the risk it took with the show has certainly paid off.

So where did we leave off with the show and what can we expect in the upcoming season?

In season 2 of Andi Mack, Andi continues to struggle with her newfound understanding of parental heritage and acclimating to Bex, rather than Cynthia, being her mother. Andi also takes on a whole new attitude about Jonah, picking up the pieces from where she previously left off with him and navigating a new romance with him.

Andi additionally has to deal with the fallout of Jonah's break up with Amber, and how to cope with awkward run-ins with her at her favorite after-school hangout.

Finally, Andi's friends begin dealing with their own coming-of-age stories, including Cyrus realizing that he's gay and Buffy dealing with sexism on the basketball team and her romantic feelings toward a guy at school.

So what are our predictions for season 3?

Disney has got to keep it coming with the storyline around Cyrus's sexuality, so we're predicting that on season 3 of Andi Mack, Cyrus will come out about his sexuality at school and we'll get to see how Andi, and everyone else reacts. We suspect that Andi will also learn more about Bex's most recent love and the real reason that she can't actually marry Andi's dad.

Andi will also have to cope with Cynthia selling her childhood home and dealing with making her current living situation with Bex permanent. And of course, we suspect Buffy will wind up going on her very first date with Marty.

Is Disney betting right? Will Andi Mack become it's greatest hit ever? The premiere has yet to make its debut but we're predicting great things for this upcoming season of Andi Mack. 



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