Persona 5: The Animation Episode 9 Review: 'Operation Maid Watch'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues this week and it's the first filler episode of the series so far.

Despite being the first filler, it was actually my favorite episode of the series to date mainly because it was more original and not just a recap of the events that happened in the video game.

This week's episode sees Ren, Ryuji and Yuuki call an adult service that allows a real life maid to come to their home to offer her "services".

This is actually something you can do in the game and the identity of the maid is a big surprise!

The high school students are eager to see the maid, although it becomes an awkward situation for everyone involved. This is because the maid ends up being Sadayo Kawakami. This is none other than Ren own teacher at the school!

Ren tries his best to hide his own identity, but it's too late. Miss Kawakami comes too close and she realizes that the group of students asked for her services.

The situation is awkward for everyone and it comes across really funny in the episode. In the video game, the scenario wasn't as funny because you couldn't see the character's facial expressions very well.

The voice acting was also on point in this week's episode as you really felt the characters feel embarrassed that they all know each other.

To cut a long story short, all of them agree to keep this secret from anybody because Miss Kawakami's job could be on the line if other staff members knew she had a second job as a "maid".

The rest of this week's episode of kind of boring since it focuses mostly on Ryuji's past issues with the track team.

Sure it gives more character development to Ryuji, although his scenario was not as entertaining to watch like the first half of this week's episode.

If you are interested in the main story, you may have to wait until next week before The Phantom Thieves' next target is revealed.

This week is a nice filler gap to entertain the audience before the team goes on their next big mission.

Anyway, I'm hoping we get more episodes like this week in Persona 5: The Animation. It wasn't just a straight retelling of the video game so it was nice to see something slightly different this week.

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