Jimmy Kimmel Sits in on the Howard Stern Show to Talk Jay Leno & More

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It's always a special event when Howard Stern's good friend Jimmy Kimmel visits the show. This time he sat in for the majority of the broadcast where they discussed Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey and weight watchers plus much more.

Kimmel was first introduced onto the show by Stern who said that he was a sex symbol now, before asking him how the New York Mets game was with Bill Murray.

Kimmel actually threw out the first pitch but admitted that he wasn't too nervous about the honor, according to MarksFriggin.

The funny back and forth antics continued for most of the show especially when Wack Packers like High Pitch Eric, Tan Mom and others were introduced.

The best of the conversation however, came when Stern and Kimmel began discussing what Jay Leno said about him in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

"Howard said that Jay Leno opened up his big, fat yap about Jimmy," according to MF.

"Howard said he thought it was weird of him to position himself in a strange way. He said Jay said that Jimmy doesn't like him because he's a radio guy and he's just setting up a feud and wants to get in with the Howard Stern gang.

Howard said Jimmy was in with the Howard Stern gang long before. Howard said Jay can't get it through his head that he isn't doing shtick. Jimmy said Jay is minimizing the situation."

Kimmel admitted that he doesn't like what Leno did to David Letterman.

Stern told Kimmel that Leno would only bash him before adding a few notions like, "Leno should grow a beard to cover up that big chin of his," according to the report.

Kimmel says it's always uncomfortable when he runs into Leno.

"Jimmy said that what he said about Jay was taken out of context," according to MF.

"He said someone asked what he thinks about Jay Leno after talking about David Letterman for 20 minutes and he just said 'F**k Jay' in a joking way when he was asked about him.

He said it comes off differently in print."

"He was just joking though. Jimmy said he doesn't feel like he's wronged Jay at all.

He said that Jay called him many times when they thought he might be coming to ABC. Then when he wasn't coming over he never heard from Jay again. He said it makes you feel like crap."

Earlier on in the interview the guys cracked a joke about Oprah Winfrey investing in Weight Watchers stock. Stern reported that after Winfrey bought stock in the company it began to soar.

Meanwhile, Kimmel was promoting a new episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring Jay-Z, who will also be performing a concert at the Barclay's Center.