Arrow Season 7 Premiere Title And Director Revealed

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Arrow's sixth season just wrapped up about a month and a half ago with a major cliffhanger that had Oliver getting arrested and revealing he was the Green Arrow to the public.

This left us very excited for the potential direction of the upcoming seventh season, of which we now know its premiere title.

One of the big changes with Arrow's seventh season is that a new showrunner will be in charge, as both Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle have stepped down to pursue other projects.

Beth Schwartz was elevated to sole showrunner, so it was fitting that she gave us our first episode title of the season.

Schwartz took to her Twitter to reveal that she had her first day of prep on the premiere just the other day, along with a picture of a Green Arrow POP figure in front of the first page of the premiere's script.

On this script, it was revealed that the first episode will be titled Inmate 4587, with the script being written by Schwartz and Oscar Balderrama.

Fan favorite director James Bamford is also set to direct the episode as well, which is no surprise since he's been the go-to director for premieres and other big episodes in the past.

As with most everything in the Arrowverse, you instantly start to wonder what the 4587 number signifies, as there's meaning behind most anything.

However, rather than being something from DC Comics, it comes from something entirely different, the 1980s television series Wiseguy.

Thanks to AwesomEmergency on Twitter, we have an old tweet from the past where former showrunner Guggenheim stated his love for the show and the usage of the number 4587 from the show.

Evidently there have been numerous Easter eggs in the Arrowverse over the years, with this being just the latest.

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