Steve Vai Honors Jimmy Page In YouTube Clip Of 2014 Berklee Honorary Doctorate

Guitarist Steve Vai posted a video to his YouTube page earlier this month in which words of his own were used to honor Jimmy Page at the 2014 Berklee Honorary Doctorate ceremony.

In the Vai, who is also a Berklee alumna, was quoted saying, "In the physical universe there are objects that include suns, planets, all life and matter in all dimensions.

And then there is the space where all these things exist, that space is the vital element.

For virtually every kid since 1968 who picked up a guitar to find his voice on the instrument, Jimmy Page has been the space that enables all our notes to be played."

The words hit Page who exclaimed "wow," and seemed to be taken back by the extent of the kindness that was displayed through them.

Page, the lead guitarist for the legendary rock group Led Zeppelin, delivered the 2014 Commence Address at the Berklee College of Music.

His speech in itself was filled with experience and musical references in terms of notes and understanding about reading music.

Steve Vai's Words Quoted

Jimmy Page's Commencement Address