Rumor: Sony Eyeing Bryan Cranston For A Role In The Uncharted Movie

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An Uncharted movie is in the works by Sony Pictures and it will center around a younger Nathan Drake and tell us his origin story.

We already know that Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) has been cast as the young Nathan Drake, but now another big name actor could be joining him.

ThatHashTagShow reports their source says Sony Pictures is really interested in bringing in Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) for a "large supporting role".

A role was not specified, although the character of Sully from the video games fits the bill nicely. Sully is the mentor to Nathan Drake and Cranston is perfect for a role like this.

Historically, fans always wanted Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead) to play Sully alongside Nathan Fillion (Firefly) as the adult Nathan Drake.

This dream casting never happened since the Uncharted movie kept getting delayed. There was one point in production that Mark Wahlberg was attached for the role as Nathan Drake, but that fizzled out.

Due to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony Pictures were really impressed with Tom Holland's performance which is why the Uncharted film will be a prequel to the video games.

They also wanted to tell us a prequel story in order to make it feel different to the video games. After all, we've already had several video games based on an adult Nathan Drake already.

There's still no release date for the film, but hopefully it eventually gets made.

Video game movies are usually really bad, but this film and the upcoming Tomb Raider movie look promising. If Cranston does play Sully, it will add some much needed credibility to the film.

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