George Clooney Tells Ellen DeGeneres About Proposing to Amal Alamuddin & More

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The Ellen DeGeneres show landed yet another high profile celebrity as George Clooney stopped by to talk about his marriage with Amal Alamuddin, their proposal and he even got a prank over on DeGeneres.

It was Clooney's first visit to the show and DeGeneres said that they lured them in many different ways. Clooney actually use to work next door and when DeGeneres told him that the stage is now named after her, he said that it was amazing. Clooney said he was a little hurt since E.R. went for 15 years and and she's only been on for 13 but they let it go. Then DeGeneres brought up the fact that she wasn't at his wedding.

Clooney said she was at the cutoff point because they had 105 guests and she was the 106th and he didn't want to invite just DeGeneres without Portia. One of the most hilarious moments came before Clooney finished a statement he started by saying that his wife is Lebanese.

DeGeneres chimed in by saying that's close to "lesbianese," which got the whole crowd laughing.

Clooney went on to say that his wife had a huge family so it was hard cutting the list down.

He said it took about six months until he thought he might pop the question to her and they hadn't even talked about engagement before.

He planned the perfect proposal and said his wife came back from London and she insisted on ordering in. However, Clooney made dinner for his wife on the special evening. He tricked his wife into grabbing a box where the lighter for a candle was supposed to be and all that was in there was a ring.

Alamuddin just told him that there was a ring inside pretty nonchalantly as if someone left it there before.

He eventually got down on one knee and proposed but the entire thing took 25 minutes.

Later on Clooney played never have I ever with Rihanna and DeGeneres and pulled off a pretty epic prank. You can catch Clooney in Hail, Caesar! which hit's theaters on February 5.

George Clooney tells Ellen DeGeneres about his proposal.

George Clooney pranks Ellen DeGeneres.

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