Joseline Talks Swinging, Hooking Up With Nick Cannon on Wild'n Out

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On tonight's Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out, Stevie J and Joseline from Love and Hip Hop took on Nick and his gold squad.

In the first game, Nick's team did a hilarious impression of the Love and Hip Hop couple. And Charlie Clips did an impression of Lebron James, which you can watch below.

But after that, the joke was on Nick.

In the second game, Nick was up against Stevie J and Joseline in the game Plead the Fifth.

As soon as the game started, Nick was asked "which of the famous women you smashed do you miss the most?" Nick pleaded the fifth.

Then it was Stevie J and Joselin's turn to be grilled, and they had to answer "who was the last person to cheat and why?" To that, Joseline responded "we like to swing so we ain't trippin'" to a chorus of applause.

Next, Nick had to answer another Mariah question: "Towards the end there [Mariah's] voice was messing up while she was the question was what were you doing to her throat all those years?" Nick pleaded the fifth.

But in the end, it was Joseline who got the applause when Stevie J was asked which Wild'n Out girl he wants, and Joseline yelled "all of them."

Finally, in Wild Style, while Joseline talked about hooking up with the Wild'n Out girls, Nick did a rap about taking Joseline and cancelling Stevie J's show.

But Stevie J hit him back hard saying "I'm the one your wife was writing songs about."

Not to be upped, Michael Blackson turned to Stevie J and dropped this rhyme: "I had to Google you ...[cuz] you hadn't had a hit since '92."

Then Nick came back at Joselyn with this: "Girl you can't handle this Nick Nick Nick, I'ma put it down I'ma bet it easy...My bad I'm about to go f--- her in the back Stevie."

Nicks team lost, though, when Stevie J came back with: "That's nice...that's nice but I already hit Mariah off twice."

Here's Charlie Clips doing Lebron:

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