Breaking News: Marvel Changes The Official Release Date For Avengers: Infinity War

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In North America, fans were unhappy to know that Avengers: Infinity War was coming out on May 4th, 2018 almost ten days after some other countries got it.

Thanks to huge demand, the release date has been pushed up so most countries will now get it at the same time.

Marvel Studios confirmed on Twitter that Avengers: Infinity War will now have a worldwide release date of April 27th, 2018.

This means the movie won't be released so close to other big films such as Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out in May.

IMDB has yet to update its release date schedule, but I assume the film is still going to come out on April 25th, 2018 in countries like Australia and New Zealand as originally planned.

April 25th is a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand so opening a big film like this will do big business.

Changing the release date for the movie is a fantastic idea because it will potentially stop people from spoiling the plot for others that have not seen it yet.

A two day gap between release dates is much better than 10 days like before.

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr also confirmed the new April 27th, 2018 release date on his Twitter account too. As you might already know, Downey Jr is one of the main characters of the film. 

Infinity War might be one of the biggest movie releases of all time and in my opinion, it has a strong chance of outgrossing James Cameron's Avatar at the worldwide Box Office.

Is it possible for it to be the first film to gross over $3 billion worldwide?

The only bad news about this release date is for Warner Bros and its Rampage movie starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Rampage is out on April 20th, which is only a week before Avengers: Infinity War comes out...

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