The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 Review/Recap: 'Therefore I Am'

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Season 4 of The Flash has been a mixed bag for me lately as many of the episodes had a lot of goofy humor.

Thankfully, things are improving with episode 7 since the team are finally getting to grips on who The Thinker really is.

This is the first episode in Season 4 where Barry Allen actually starts doing some investigative work and the meat of the main story starts to kick in.

The team aren't bumming around with Ralph Dibny or anything like that. The tone of this week's episode was actually pretty good.

It's an episode where Barry Allen was figuratively playing a game of chess with Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker.

Everyone on the team thinks Clifford DeVoe is an innocent person, yet Barry cannot give up on his suspicions. Despite looking like a normal man, DeVoe is hiding something which has already been revealed to the audience.

What I found interesting about this week's episode was seeing how determined Barry Allen was. Everyone else on the team didn't want to believe him that DeVoe is a bad guy.

Allen's job at the Central City Police Department is in jeopardy since he gets suspended for 2 weeks. Barry pretty much broke into DeVoe's house illegally to look for clues. The Devoe family even puts a restraining order on Barry.

As you might remember from a previous episode, DeVoe/The Thinker hid a special camera inside of the Samurai Helmet.

Well Barry finds out about the camera and this is pretty much his final clue to assume DeVoe is an enemy.

Barry risks breaking the law again by confronting DeVoe one last time before he starts his university lecture. However, DeVoe finally reveals himself to Barry that he knows he's The Flash and he knows everything about him.

The Thinker's main power is that he has infinite knowledge. That said, we still don't know of Devoe's true intentions.

There was no present day side story this week as we were instead treated to a flashback of Clifford Devoe's life four years ago. He wanted to acquire infinite knowledge through a special helmet his wife helped to create.

The only thing powerful enough to power the helmet was the particle accelerator explosion that Eobard Thawne/Evil Harrison Wells used.

DeVoe's plan is successful, but he pays a price for infinite knowledge. He is diagnosed with an advanced form of ALS and is unable to walk.

Thankfully, his wife Marlize is very smart and is able to build him a special device that is able to prolong his life.

This is where the special wheelchair comes into play. Although as an audience, we are still not told of his true intentions and why he's been spying on Team Flash all of the time.

Anyway, I thought this week's episode of The Flash was the best one from Season 4. Season 4 featured far too many goofy humorous episodes that it was a nice change to watch something more serious.

I hope The Thinker's motivations are further explained in the episodes to come. Hopefully he has a good explanation as to why he hates The Flash.

Next week is the crossover event so The Thinker will take a backseat.

We will somewhat see the start of the wedding for Iris West and Barry Allen. Wally West is also back in town to see his sister getting married.

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