7-Year-Old Violinist Leah Flynn To Perform 'Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me' Live

During all of the unrest in Ferguson there was 7-year-old violinist Leah Flynn who set out to calm the protesting and spread love.

Now, Flynn has been invited to perform "Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin with Me" live on the FOX 2/KTVI St. Louis morning show.

"Leah wanted to use her violin to help inspire hope and peace in Ferguson, since she'd seen the effects of a similar situation in her hometown of Sanford, Florida," said Jervishia Walker of Transmedia Group.

Flynn was featured on a segment in an episode of "The View" a few weeks back.

As Whoopi Goldberg spoke about what Flynn was trying to do she became quite emotional. Flynn is a young but blossoming violinist and has sought out to use her talent to spread peace from Sanford to Ferguson.

"There's a lot of scariness there and violence and fighting, so I really just want them to have [peace] and happiness," said Leah according to The Roots.

The performance will take place Thursday, December 4 9 AM on FOX 2/KTVI ST. LOUIS television morning show and 10:30-11 AM on KMOX NEWS radio in St. Louis.