Who's Going To Win The Tournament of Power In Dragon Ball Super?

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The last episode of Dragon Ball Super is set to air this Sunday and we will finally get to see who might win the Tournament of Power.

Surprisingly, four fighters are still left in the tournament but the clock is ticking down and a winner will be crowned very soon.

As you may have seen in episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super, the remaining four fighters of the tournament include Universe 7's Goku, Frieza and Android 17 vs Universe 11's Jiren. Let's look at each fighter's chances of winning the whole thing. 

Goku: Goku is usually a favorite to win any tournament mainly because he's the main character and always gets the most screen time. That said, his chances of winning the Tournament of Power look very slim at the moment. 

This is because Goku weakened his body a lot when he Mastered Ultra Instinct. I have a feeling Goku might be eliminated and won't be in the final two as his stamina is too weak at this stage. 

Jiren: Jiren is now the strong favorite to win the Tournament of Power thanks to Goku's low stamina. Jiren is the most powerful fighter left in the tournament and he still has some stamina left to cause some real damage. 

Jiren showed a villainous side in episode 130 by nearly killing Goku's friends. It's weird he wasn't punished or disqualified for attempted murder, although this could be a clue for things to come. 

Since Dragon Ball Super is going to have its own movie later this year, I think there's a chance Jiren might win and become the next villain. Unless of course another villain wins it all...

Frieza: Frieza is actually my pick to win the Tournament of Power because him winning can lead to a lot of dangerous consequences.

He's likely going to use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for something like immortality or having more power than Zen-Oh or something along those lines.

Obviously the other Universe 7 members won't agree with his wishes, but this drama could spill over to the upcoming movie.

In my opinion, Frieza has not acted like a true villain throughout this entire arc so far, so him becoming evil at the end makes sense.

Android 17:  Everyone thought 17 died a few episodes ago, but he managed to survive. That said, he's still arguably the weakest fighter left in the tournament and him getting the main victory looks slim at the moment. 

Not to mention 17 winning the Tournament of Power will not have any dangerous consequences. All that he wants to wish for is have a new Cruise Ship so he and his family can enjoy a vacation. 

Bottom Line: With all that being said, I'm still picking Frieza to be the surprise winner of the Tournament of Power. Something tells me the movie might make him the main villain where he becomes stronger than a God. 

I'm hoping by the end of the film, every other Universe is wished back though. It would seem very heartless if all of those Universes remained erased forever...

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