'The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder To Call Random Fans

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Two of the major stars of CW TV's "The Vampire Diaries" have now had their faces put on to t-shirts and Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley plan on doing something pretty special for their fans.

(Video Below)

In the video below, Wesley and Somerhalder are reporting from the set of "The Vampire Diaries" where they are filming the seventh season of the show. They spoke about an earlier contest-like post where they asked fans to design cool graphics for a t-shirt and one of those has finally found its way to fruition.

The two stars pushed the t-shirt which contains a "Blood Brothers" design featuring the faces of each star and made it available for fans.

Here's where things get really interesting for fans. Somerhalder and Wesley, two heartthrobs of the series have vowed to call a few random fans who are first to purchase the t-shirts in the next 24 hours.

Oh yes, this is bound to send "The Vampire Diaries" fandom into hyperventilation.

Wesley's girlfriend and star of "The Originals," Phoebe Tonkin is also helping the two promote the t-shirts, posting a photo of her own as she rocks the new style.

Also, if you wanted to know what Wesley's pet name for Somerhalder is, it's "smoldeypants." The team is back filming the seventh season that is scheduled to premiere on October 8.

Check out the announcement below.