'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 4: Whitney Faces Off Against Jiya

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Tonight was Episode 4 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4.and we got to see what Whitney decided do to with Roy's shocking admission last week as well a new adversary's dance challenge.

The episode kicks off with Whitney, Todd and Tal driving to a trophy wives dance class. The routine begins with Whitney and Tal following the lead of the class. But pretty quickly, Whitney finds herself unable to carry out all of the dance moves, because they're tough on her knees.

However, Jiya won't stop tearing Whitney down, even bullying her for being unable to do the dance moves, going so far as to tell her she needs a medical note to get out of doing her choreography.

Whitney feels humiliated and upset. Tal hates to admit it, but he enjoys the class.

Next, Whitney and Buddy heads to a workout and training with Will. However, Buddy doesn't show up. At training, Whitney can't stop admiring some of the buff guys around the gym. Will also sets an ultimatum with Whitney about Buddy.

Whitney then holds a class of BGDC and hosts Jiya and her entourage.

Jiya immediately suspects that Whitney has ripped off her dance moves. Whitney feels insulted by Jiya and Maddie resents the negative energy that their guests have brought in with them.

Whitney has a chance to tell Heather that Buddy hasn't been showing up to training, which is helpful since she doesn't want to have to be the one who reprimands him for his lack of effort.

Whitney heads back into the radio studio with Roy and tests out a labor simulation machine. It turns out Whitney has a high tolerance for pain. Whitney also tells her co-DJs about the experience of being shaded by Jiya.

Whitney also discusses the experience of having Jiya come to her class. Coincidentally, Jiya calls in and confronts Whitney. Roy suggests a dance battle to settle the score between Jiya and Whitney. Whitney seems intimidated.

Will Whitney face off against Jiya again in a dance battle? Stay tuned for our review of next week's episode.

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