Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Shares Official Trailer For 'Fighting with My Family'

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has now revealed the first full trailer for his upcoming biopic called 'Fighting with My Family' about the life of real life wrestler Paige.

The movie has been made in conjunction with WWE Studios and it looks like it will be a funny and informative film.

Dwayne Johnson shared the new trailer across all of his social media platforms including Facebook. You can read below what he had to say about the film.

"‪In 2012 I watched a documentary about a young, unknown British female pro wrestler & her wonderfully crazy and loving wrestling family. I loved it and instantly identified with her and her family — because it reminded me of MY wonderfully, loving and fucking crazy wrestling family. Many of you know my history;) I knew it was a story that I had to tell along with our Seven Bucks Productions team. That girl who I saw in that documentary would go on to superstardom as the Paige along with her relentless female co-workers wound help redefine and usher the spectacular WWE women’s wrestling the world enjoys today. The PERFECT actress to embody Paige and bring her story to life is my homegirl and absolutely brilliant actress Florence Pugh. Florence took “commitment” to the next level. To write and direct this unique, one of a kind “slice of life” comedy is my long time buddy, brilliant collaborator and twin, Stephen Merchant.

A section of the movie was actually filmed inside of a real WWE ring with real life audience reactions. Not to mention current star Zelina Vega has been cast in the movie playing the role of AJ Lee.

Anyway, you can look at the new trailer posted down below. Fighting with My Family will be released in early 2019. 

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