Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17 Recap/Review: ‘Trinity’

Supergirl and the good guys are in a bit of trouble this week after the Worldkillers have reunited and will start to kill all life on Earth.

They start their plan of an eternal eclipse and this is bad for Supergirl since she can only get her powers from the rays of the Sun.

With time running out, Supergirl and the DEO have to find the location of the Worldkillers and stop them before total darkness consumes the Earth.

Not to mention Mon El and Irma need to get rid of Pestilence in order to save the future.

Getting to find the location of the Worldkillers won't be easy because they are untraceable at the moment. That is until they find out that Samantha is usually trapped inside a different dimension called the 'Dark Valley'.

If they are able to communicate with Samantha and Julia, they can somewhat suppress Reign and Purity respectively. There's no hope of saving Pestilence though because she killed off her alter ego of Grace Parker easily.

Trust and secrecy become a big theme in this week's episode mainly because Supergirl is mad at Lena Luthor for not telling her the full truth.

Lena previously said she had no Kryptonite left, but she lied to Supergirl since she still owns a stash in her lab.

Supergirl obviously hates Kryptonite and feels Lena betrayed her for not getting rid of it all. Things get so edgy between the two, Supergirl even makes Jimmy Olsen break into Lena's lab to find out if she has more Kryptonite.

I thought this side story was interesting mainly because Jimmy Olsen was tied in the middle. Sure he likes to be loyal to Supergirl, but he does not want to ruin his romantic relationship with Lena Luthor either.

I myself don't think that Lena Luthor is truly evil, but there might be a dark side to the character that will reveal itself in the episodes to come.

She may not turn bad soon, but there is a chance she could become something more in Season 4.

As for this week's main story, it involves Supergirl, Lena Luthor and Alex going inside the 'Dark Valley' to save Samantha and Julia from Reign and Purity respectively.

Time is running out due to the eclipse so Supergirl and her pals need to act fast.

Things aren't looking too good for Samantha and Julia though because their memories start to fade the longer they stay inside the Dark Valley. Both Samantha and Julia have to fight back to get a hold of their human sides.

It's also worth mentioning Alex gets a cool new suit from Winn in this week's episode. Alex is finally powerful enough to go up against the likes of Reign and Purity thanks to the new suit.

Anyway, Supergirl, Alex and Lena manage to find Samantha and Julia but things are not looking too good. Julia is completely knocked out, while Samantha is struggling to get a hold of herself too.

Thankfully, the trio manage to convince Samantha to "wake up", but this causes Reign to be inside the Dark Valley now. This is bad since Supergirl is getting weaker and cannot fight Reign all by herself.

It looks like a losing battle until Samantha controls Reigns' body to stop the ritual to destroy the Earth. She also activates a beacon that tells the DEO the exact location of the Worldkiller's base.

After that, Supergirl, Alex and Lena Luthor are pulled from the Dark Valley. Reign then takes control of her own body to join up with Purity and Pestilence.

The last ten minutes of this week's episode is awesome mainly because it becomes a superhero smackdown.

Reign has to fight Supergirl in a cool heroic battle while Purity and Pestilence have to beat Martian Manhunter, Irma, Alex and Mon El.

The visual effects this week was top notch and it was cool to finally see some superhero style action. My only small gripe is that I was hoping the action sequences would have lasted longer than what we got.

In the end though, the hero characters are overwhelmed by Reign and Pestilence and it looks like the heroes are going to lose. That is until Alex manages to reach Julia and she doublecrosses Pestilence.

Julia uses Purity's soundwave powers to kill off Pestilence, although poor Julia also dies when Pestilence stabs her with a knife at the same time. Two of the Worldkillers are dead, but now their powers are transferred over to Reign.

Reign does the smart thing and retreats to fight another day. While it's sad to see Julia dead, Irma and Mon El are happy Pestilence is gone because this means the future is saved.

As for Supergirl, she forgives Lena Luthor at the end of the episode as she gains her trust again. However, Lena Luthor still has a secret that she only tells Jimmy Olsen about...

Jimmy Olsen (and the audience) finds out that Lena Luthor has found a way to make her own Kryptonite.

This is very interesting because she still lies to Supergirl about it and has not told anyone but Olsen about this fact.

The ending made me feel that Supergirl will find out about Lena's ability to make her own Kryptonite later in the season and she's not going to be happy about it.

It sure sets up some juicy storylines in the future!

Anyway, this week's episode was awesome even though most of the action was left until the end.

I'm a bit sad though that two of the Worldkillers are dead already, but I guess they got rid of them early due to budgetary reasons.

The rest of Season 3 will probably just have epic one-on-one showdowns between Reign and Supergirl. Hopefully their future fights are just as impressive as the one they had late last year.

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