Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Review/Recap: Last Hope For Universe 2 And 6

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The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super is progressing and many fighters have been eliminated already. It's now starting to get to the business side of the tournament and that means more universes will start to disappear.

With Ribrianne out, the hope for Universe 2 now lies within its three remaining fighters. Universe 2 has actually broadcast the tournament to its citizens so there is a lot of hope riding in their remaining fighters.

It won't be easy for Universe 2 because they have to fight off Goku. Goku of course is a born fighter and will do anything to win no matter what the cost.

Universe 6 is also on the chopping block and Vados reminds Champa of their dire situation.

The only two fighters left in Universe 6 include the Namekians of Saonel and Pirina. They too don't have an easy fight because they have to contend with both Gohan and Piccolo.

The remaining three fighters from Universe 2 called Zirloin, Zarbuto and Rabanra transform much like the female fighters did. They are hoping these new forms are strong enough to defeat Goku as a lot of people are depending on their survival.

Androids 17 and 18 are getting sick of Universe 2's theatrics so they opt to assist Goku to defeat the trio.

This episode has a lot of talking in the first eight minutes, but the action finally begins after all the introductions are over.

While Goku and the Androids fight Universe 2, Gohan and Piccolo are still trying to fend off the duo of of Saonel and Pirina. Saonel and Pirina have managed to increase their power level making the fight more difficult for Universe 7.

In order to increase their power level, they fused with lots of other Namekians.

They waited until it was the right time in order to show off their true abilities. With Universe 6 nearing extinction, now was the best time for the Namekians to shine.

Gohan decides to go full power now as he was initially holding back in order not to accidentally kill anyone. Gohan suggests he buys Piccolo some time so that he can power up his Special Beam Cannon.

After that we get to see all of the warriors fighting in exciting fashion. Everyone seems to be evenly matched and all of them are not giving up.

Piccolo is unsuccessful defeating the Namekians with the first Special Beam Cannon attack, but he goes on to ready another one. Elsewhere, the Universe 2 fighters manage to trap Android 17, Android 18 and Goku inside of a very heavy black hole!

However, Goku powers up into Super Saiyan Blue and blasts a big Kamehameha wave. The blast is so strong, it eliminates the remaining fighters of Universe 2 and breaks the black hole prison.

Gohan on the other hand does his own Kamehameha wave. While this is happening, Piccolo blasts his second Special Beam Cannon at the Namekians and they get eliminated simultaneously.

Sadly, the end is near which means both Universe 2 and Universe 6 are to be erased from existence. Universe 2 is happy until the end, while Champa pokes a tongue at Beerus for one last time.

Vados is sad to see everyone go so she sits with Universe 7 now.

Hopefully this is a sign that Universe 7 wins the tournament in order to wish everyone back. It will be very selfish and heartless if they wish for anything else.

That said, their wish could be in vain if Frieza has his way. Frieza wants to more powerful than Zen-Oh.

It will be interesting to see the conclusion of the tournament. There are only 13 minutes left in the tournament, although this will last for several more weeks.

Overall, episode 118 was a sad episode but it was cool to see the fighters remaining resilient until the end.

The first half of the episode featured too much talking, but the action picked upt towards the end. Next week, Universe 7 will have to fight Universe 4!

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