Pewdiepie Does Yuri On Ice

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Looks like yet another YouTube star is making the jump to mainstream television. It seems that with the rise of YouTube celebrity, there is simply no containing stars who get their start through vlogging.

A great example of this is Jake Paul, who went from YouTube star to Disney darling.

Now Pewdiepie, the Swedish gamer and vlogger who so captivates Youtube viewers, is making a cameo on Yuri on Ice. But what is Yuri on Ice and why feature Pewdiepie on the show?

A photo posted by PewDiePie (@pewdiepie) on

Yuri on Ice is a Japanese anime television series featuring Yuri, a competitive ice skater who suffers a series of defeats that cause him to put his career on hiatus.

Eventually, he returns to skating competitively and has to battle against an old arch enemy to win the competition that caused him to want to quit in the first place.

Based on the pics he's posted, it looks like Pewdiepie might actually be playing himself on the anime series. And we know that the series features friends, family and various famous ice skaters from around the world.

So our guess is that Yuri is actually a fan of Pewdiepie and gets a chance to meet him in person. Either that or Pewdiepie winds up playing an ice skater himself.

Pewdiepie has certainly become a force to be reckoned with and his fan based is located around the world. Better known as Felix Kjellberg, just last year, Pewdiepie already had 40 million subscribers and just a single signing appearance on the release of his book, "this book loves you" brought out fans from around the world.

It's no wonder then that a Japanese anime series such as Yuri on Ice wants to be part of the cult phenomenon that is Pewdiepie.

Can't wait for the episode of Yuri on Ice featuring Pewdiepie to premiere!