Drake Jokes About Joe Budden At A Dallas 'Summer Sixteen' Show

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It looks like Drake is finally acknowledging Joe Budden in public.

At a recent Summer Sixteen stop in Dallas, Drake shared his feelings on Joe Budden with the fans, we're just waiting for him to do so in the form of a diss track.

In the video below, Drake says, "We got that good energy going on. I shoulda brought Joe Budden up here and let him do 'Pump It Up' one time.

F**k them n***as man." Sounds like fighting words to us. That hookah session that Budden and Drake had clearly did not have the same meaning to one as it did to the other.

Budden may be thinking that he has gotten under Drake's skin as he tweeted right after hearing about the diss. It wasn't a scared tweet, it was that devilish smiley face that sometimes gives you the creeps.

What we don't understand is why Drake isn't taking the direct approach that he did when he battled Meek Mill.

Some may think that Drake is afraid of Budden which seems funny enough because Budden's latest Drake diss is titled, "Afraid." Do you think Drake will respond to Budden with bars?

Drake Disses Joe Budden At Dallas Summer Sixteen Show

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