Howard Stern Remembers Muhammad Ali

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This year, Howard Stern has been paying his respects to many legendary icons. He recently continued that notion by paying his respects to fallen boxing legend Muhammad Ali during his SiriusXM Stern Show.

Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74-years-old due to septic shock.

He is considered to be the greatest boxer of all time and is remembered for his efforts in the ring and out of it. Stern pointed out that Robin Quivers had a pretty close encounter with Ali.

In a clip from a previous episode, Quivers recounted having her arms around Ali and him kissing her on the cheek back in 1987. The clip was followed by a little historic background from Ali's early years.

"Howard said he was a boxer but he was known for changing his name to Muhammad Ali from Cassius Clay. Howard said he started boxing as a kid," according to MarksFriggin.

"He had a bicycle that got stolen off the street and he went to a cop named Joe Martin and he told the cop he was going to punch and whoop the person who stole it.

The cop brought him to a boxing gym to teach him how to punch."

Stern continued to highlight some of the highest points in Ali's career and his fight against the Vietnam war and not wanting to go fight overseas.

Stern and the rest of the world continues to remember the greatest of all time.