'Sister Wives' Meri Brown Finally Opens Up About Catfishing

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, there was a bonus segment about "polygamy travel tips." Although for the most part, it consisted of recycled material, there were some interesting insights about the catfish scandal from Meri.

The catfish scandal was when Meri was caught having an affair outside of her polygamist relationship with Kody and the sister wives. It turned out that Meri was catfished, and the guy she thought she was talking to was actually a woman.

Meri was caught by online sleuths, and she began tweeting about the scandal in cryptic ways.

Eventually, it was revealed that Meri was having an online affair with someone she thought was a guy named "Sam Cooper," a wealthy and attractive businessman. But "Sam Cooper" turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overton.

Over this season, we have heard snippets about Meri's experience of being catfished, and how she dealt with it with Kody and her daughter.

But in tonight's episode, Meri finally opened up about how she felt, and we got to see the moment where Meri told the rest of the wives about the scandal.

The confession happened at the end of a great summer vacation for the family. Meri was at dinner with the wives and Kody, and she nervously explained what happened.

She said that she may disappear from the family soon, which concerned the other wives.

She said, "I'm gonna be doing something, and I don't know what to do." The tough conversation ended with "don't be surprised if I'm just up and gone."

Christine admitted that she knew that Meri was having a rough time, but all of the wives were very concerned about her leaving.

Robyn said "this is where you belong...this is where you shine." But the situation clearly wasn't resolved. Meri said that the biggest concern was what her family was going to think of her.

In recounting the story, Meri broke down and admitted that she doesn't know how to fix the situation.

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