'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Ari and Lanum...Lanum is HOW OLD?

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It's Wednesday night and we have another all new episode of Catfish on MTV. So who do we meet this week? Read on...

Tonight's episode opens with Nev and Max receiving an email in which it appears that both sides of a relationship think they're being catfished. First they get an email from a guy named Jeffrey, who thinks his brother, Lanum, is being catfished by a woman named Ari.

Then, they get another email from Ari, who says that she thinks somebody wrote into the show accusing her of being a catfish, and she doesn't understand why.

Ari tells Nev and Max that she and Lanum are in a loving relationship, but that Lanum's brother seems to want to cause trouble between the two of them, and that makes her suspicious about Lanum.

The couple met on Plenty of Fish, and Ari insists that they love each other.

The first thing that the Catfish team does is video chat with Ari.

Ari tells them that Lanum told her that his brother was going to contact Catfish, because he doesn't believe that Ari is real.

Nev and Max do is ask Ari to show them her driver's license, in order to ensure that she is who she says she is.

After she does that, she explains the story about Lanum.

According to her, Lanum met her, and soon after said that his brother died (not the one who contacted Catfish), so he had to move away. That was before they were able to meet in person.

Ari says she didn't ask Lanum to video chat because she didn't feel comfortable. So she's apparently never seen him in person or on video.

The Catfish team goes to visit Ari in her home in LA. Ari explaines that soon after she got on Plenty of Fish, she met Lanum and was very much attracted to him physically.

But things started to get strange when Lanum told her that he had to move because his brother was killed in a car accident. Then, the next day, he told her that his brother died from cancer.

The two of them started telling each other they loved each other on day four, which raised a lot of red flags. But Ari says that he's very reassuring that's what made him so special.

The Catfish guys go to a cafe in order to look into the situation more.

They note that they still have not gotten a response from Jeff, the first person that emailed about the situation. That raises a lot of suspicion.

Nev and Max start doing a picture search and immediately they find out that Lanum is using fake pictures from a guy in Italy.

Next, they look at his Facebook page, and find out that he appears to be 33 years old, and located in a different place than he had told Ari. They decide to email all of his friends on Facebook.

While they're doing a search, they receive a call from a woman named Tiffany, who says she met Lanum on a dating site.

She says that she and Lanum were talking every day, and were sexting, but he never showed up when they were supposed to meet.

They also get a call from a woman named Kylee, who says she met Lanum on Plenty of Fish. She also sexted with him.

She said that right before they were supposed to meet, he said his brother died of cancer. Kylee became suspicious, and called him out, at which point he admitted that he was a catfish.

Minutes later, they receive an email from Jeff, the man who said that he was Lanum's brother.

The Catfish guys ask to talk to him and wait for an answer. Eventually they get a response saying that they can contact Lanum directly.

Nev calls Lanum, who insists that he is truly in love with her. But he claims he has no time to meet. Eventually, however, he agrees to meet with them in Texas.

The Catfish team flies out to Texas, and they make their way to Lanum's house.

Out comes an older, bald guy whose name is Marcus. He admits that he's 43, and decided to start cat fishing because nobody responded to his profile when he put his real photo online.

He claims that he loves Ari, and the other women "intrigued" him because they sexted with him, but he doesn't love them.

Marcus still believes that he's a good guy, and he wants something to happen with him and Ari. But Max refuses, saying that even if she wanted to have a future with him, he wouldn't let her.

Eventually, Marcus gets upset and walks away.

The next day Ari tells the team that she received messages from Marcus overnight and he still wants to be with her. She says that he was trying to guilt her but she wants nothing to do with him.

Nevertheless, the Catfish team ends up going to meet up with Marcus the next day. He shows a ring that he supposedly bought her, and that upsets her more.

She breaks down and starts crying. She says that she wants Marcus to delete the sexual pictures he has of her, and never contact her again.

The two never end up talking again.

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