Shia LaBeouf Still Quiet On Twitter Despite Dan Stevens Disruption Claims

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After a pretty tumultuous year from "Fury" star Shia LaBeouf and new revelations of a disruptive presence prior to the the "Cabaret" incident, his Twitter account has be very quiet.

"The 'Fury' actor was arrested in June for his antics at a performance of 'Cabaret' in New York and now 'Downton Abbey' star Dan Stevens has revealed he behaved in a similar manner when he and Jessica Chastain appeared together in 'The Heiress' on stage early in 2013," according to

LaBeouf was arrested earlier this year for disorderly conduct displayed at a Broadway showing of "Cabaret," now Stevens is revealing that it isn't the first time.

In fact, Stevens says that the last time LaBeouf got rowdy the action wasn't as swift in removing him from "The Heiress."

LaBeouf's Twitter page has been quite since November 27 where as in the past two months fans of the star could pretty much expect at least one tweet, whether it's his running stats of the day or just a strange line of words that he feels is important enough to retweet to his fans.

With this amount of silence it leaves you to wonder what he is up to, does he plan on responding to the Stevens comments and whether or not he is doing alright.

As long as LaBeouf remains out of trouble the charges against him will be dismissed according to the AZ Central article.

Photo Courtesy of Nick Genin