The Suicide Squad Could Have A Decent Box Office Weekend

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Warner Bros and DC's The Suicide Squad will finally be released this weekend in North America. From the sounds of things, the movie might be heading to have a decent Box Office opening weekend.

With The Suicide Squad already out in the UK, the movie has made $6.7 million currently. It's being reported that the worldwide total will blossom to over $70 million once it releases in North America and other major territories.

Deadline reports the film will open with $30 million in North America and another $40 million will be earned worldwide.

There are some factors that might prevent it from getting higher numbers.

For one, the movie is rated R unlike the first movie - also the film will be available to US customers via the HBO Max streaming service at no extra cost.

Not to mention Covid-19 is still happening, even though many people have had vaccines already. It won't match the $80 million opening weekend that Black Widow got in North America last month.

However, working in the film's favor are the glowing reviews. The Rotten Tomatoes rating is already at 96% meaning people might be curious to see the movie based on the favorable reception.

Warner Bros should hope for a decent Box Office showing since the budget for the movie is $185 million!

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