Finn Jones Talks About Negative Reviews For Iron Fist

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Marvel has pretty much been critic proof both with its films and TV shows. Its Netflix shows have been doing well too as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have all been received well.

Unfortunately, things are not going well with Iron Fist. The reviews for the show were put up earlier this month and most of them have been negative.

As seen on Rotten Tomatoes, Iron Fist is only liked by 14% of critics so far. This is one of the worst received shows/films in Marvel's history and it puts a dent in the company's almost perfect record.

Several reviews call it boring while others feel it's being culturally insensitive. In either case, only a few critics like it.

Iron Fist's main star, Finn Jones, has responded to the criticism during an interview with Metro. He said that the show is not made for critics and the fans are the ones that the show is made for.

He also feels that the show is being seen from a specific lens and that some critics aren't open to it so far.

He concluded by saying that he feels Iron Fist stands up well to the other Netflix Marvel shows and that fans will still enjoy it.

It's worth mentioning that the critics have only seen the first six episodes of the series. The first season actually has 13 episodes in total so the show could improve when you watch the whole thing.

That being said though, this may not stop others from still criticizing the show due to its casting of Finn Jones in the first place.

Many people wanted to see an Asian in the role despite the character of Danny Rand being of European descent in the comic books.

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