Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: XCIX, Things Get Steamy

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Tonight is the eighth episode of the final season of Samurai Jack on Adult Swim's Toonami.

During last week's episode 7 (see the recap here), Jack went into deep meditation in order to find his sword.

He was finally able to shed his demons and thereby get his sword back. Meanwhile, Ashi protected him from an attack by an army of Aku's, and she saved Jack from being killed.

This week's episode picks up with Jack and Ashi setting their sites on Aku, and getting ready for their final battle.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 8 Recap

This week's episode begins in space, where we find a giant pizza-box shaped space ship. The ship gets struck by an asteroid, sending it hurtling towards earth.

Separately, Jack and Ashi are in a town in the desert.

Jack tells Ashi that they have a long journey ahead of them, and they should eat. While in the town, Ashi encounters many people/creatures of different types, and she is fascinated.

Jack and Ashi board a Flintstones-style bus (a giant animal with a cabin attached) and get ready for a journey across the desert.

At this point, we start to see a growing romance between Jack and Ashi. As Ashi and Jack are shoved together by the crowd, Ashi notices something poking her and looks down to see Jack's sword (yes, the real sword).

Soon, they notice that everybody else aboard the vehicle are enemies - some sort of cat-creatures - who intend to kill Samurai Jack. But as a team, Jack and Ashi are able to defeat the enemies.

In the process, however, the two end up left behind by the vehicle, alone in the desert.

They begin a trek across the desert, which takes several days. Although there is no dialogue, we see via their body language that the pair are bonding -- becoming very close.

But things change when a sandstorm hits the desert.

In a desperate search for shelter, Jack and Ashi come across the crashed spaceship, and enter it. Initially, it appears to be totally empty.

Soon, however, a small insect - a slug-like creature -- bites Ashi, turning her leg green. Ashi and Jack begin to hear noises in the distance, and they run for the exit.

But they are unable to find an exit, and they run around in circles looking for a way out.

The ship contains a giant labyrinth of steps that looks like an MC Escher painting. Eventually, they find what appears to be a prison cell and the giant monster that it was supposed to contain.

The monster is made up of the small slug-like creatures, who split off an attack Ashi and Jack. Unable to defeat the creature, the two run for an exit.

They come across a door with the big flashing red light.

They go through the door and enter a room which contains weapons and a computer.

The computer tells them that the ship is a prison, and the prisoner is Lazarus-92, a superpowerful creature that can only be killed with a certain weapon.

Jack and Ashi take the weapon and go looking for the creature, but Jack can't figure out how to use the weapon. As Jack tries to keep the creature at bay with his sword, the creature becomes more and more powerful.

It attacks Ashi and rips off her clothes, making her naked. Seeing Ashi naked makes Jack uncomfortable, so he gives her his gi.

Jack tries every button on the weapon, and just before the creature kills him and Ashi, the weapon activates, killing the monster.

Jack and Ashi start kissing as the screen fades to black. The episode ends there, leaving us and wondering what happens next. We'll just have to wait until next week to find out.

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