Who is Arcan Cetin? The Shocking Clues from Facebook, Twitter, and his Writing

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Several news outlets have named Arcan Cetin as the prime suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting in Washington state. So who is this man?

According to KOMO Arcan Cetin is a 20 year old man who lives in Oak Harbor, Washington.

He reportedly was in the Macy's at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Washington, about an hour north of Seattle, on Friday evening when he began a shooting rampage.

Four women were reported dead in the shooting, and one man was injured but then later died.

Arcan Cetin: Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, and Twitter

Arcan Cetin's reported Facebook reveals a lot about the man. He seems relatively popular, with several friends of many different ethnicities. He likes cars and apparently likes the military, U.S. Navy, and Navy Seals.

Here's a picture of Cetin from his reported Facebook (there are several others there as well):

On his reported Twitter, which hasn't been recently updated, Cetin mostly talks about random thoughts, including this political one:

Cetin also reportedly has a Myspace (yes, that still exists). On it, he appears to post photos of himself with guns, and writes this interesting comment: "ME AND MY UNCLE'S (LEFT) M16.

No gay comments yes I was "fat" Cmon i lost 50 pounds. I'll take a new picture..Soon" He posts other homophobic comments on other sites as well.

Here is one of the Myspace photos showing what appears to be him with a gun:

Arcan Cetin's reported Youtube is mostly about Call of Duty, a video game; his "likes" on Youtube include gun videos, gaming videos, and a bong cleaning video.

Cetin seems to have two different Tumblrs: one seems to show an obsession with serial killers and has a Confederate flag. The other discusses Mein Kampf, has another Confederate flag, and has this picture of the leader of Iran:


It also calls the head of ISIS "my main dude":


Arcan Cetin: Education/Job

According to his reported Facebook, Arcan Cetin was previously a bagger at Whidbey Island Commissary in Oak Harbor. The commissary is known for serving the armed forces. He was also a member of ROTC in high school.

He attended the local high school, Oak Harbor High.

Someone who claims to know him alleges that this is Cetin's Call of Duty account. He also says that Cetin played an anime dating simulator.

Arcan Cetin: Criminal History

Regarding his criminal history, according to USA Today:

Cetin was involved in a number of cases in recent years, according to the Washington court database.
Cetin has faced three assault charges related to domestic violence, the Seattle Times reported. They involved his father.
A judge told Cetin Dec. 29 he could not possess a firearm, the Times reported. His stepfather convinced the judge not to include a no-contact order because Cetin was "going through a hard time."
Cetin also has an arrest on a drunken driving charge, the Times reported.

A woman named Uhlaine, who claims to have gone to Cetin's high school, has accused him of sexual harassment/assault on Facebook:

Arcan Cetin: Political Views

Arcan Cetin appears to dislike President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He called Obama a Communist in an online comment. He also compared Clinton to Hitler's wife.

He said this about Clinton:

But it's unclear about what that meant. A young woman who is reported to know Cetin said that the Tweet above was about voting for Hillary Clinton if he lost a bet. She also said the following:

She also said this:

Arcan Cetin also has an obsession with Russia, apparently. Here's what a friend said about him on Facebook: "Truth is: You are a very odd character.

You were always going on about being Russain and stuff like that, but under that you really supported America (or so it seemed to me) and I always thought that was really cool.

Maybe we will have ROTC together again next year! :D even if we don't, try to keep up with the Mother Russia thing!"

Arcan Cetin's Tumblr on mobile has this photo of a Confederate flag:

On Twitter, Cetin follows "AllGenders4Trump":

Several of his Twitter followers are Trump supporters as well.

On what is reported to be his Youtube, Arcan Cetin likes an anti-Obama video called "53 seconds that should end a presidency":

Arcan Cetin: Family/Descent

Arcan Cetin claims on Facebook to be of Turkish descent -- from Adana, Turkey. He likes Turkish food.

He appears to be single, but he has recently been in a relationship. In the past, he appears to have been infatuated with several women, and doesn't seem to be conservative: "I grinded Freshman, I grinded Sophomores, I grinded JRs, I grinded EVERYONE. Seniors were the best haha. Freshman girls suck hardcore at parties"

Arcan Cetin: What is his Religion

It's unclear what religion Arcan Cetin is. Turks are often Muslim, however, there are conflicting clues in this case. He follows Islamic sites on Tumblr, but on Twitter, he follows a lot of people who discuss Christianity.

Arcan Cetin: So Why Did He Do It?

While no motive is known for sure yet, it has been reported that he shot his ex-girlfriend and her grandmother.

Photos: Cetin's social media sites, Washington Police

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