David Spade Tells Ellen DeGeneres About His Awkward Adele Encounter

Comedian/actor David Spade visited the Ellen Show and had a pretty interesting story about a time he ran in to Adele. We're not sure it could've gotten much more awkward.

Spade was on the Ellen Show promoting his book "Almost Interesting: The Memoir". The book also contains some dating tips and said that if you really want to be a baller, you can do what Derek Jeter does.

He told DeGeneres he heard that after a girl stayed over with Jeter he would send them Yankees tickets and an autographed jersey.

So, Spade sends his girls home with a Joe Dirt keychain, Emperor's New Groove throw pillow and tells them to grab a Kate Spade bag out of the garage. Spade says when there is a break-up you have to be careful.

There is never a good time to do it. He joked that even two and a half months after a girls birthday, she still manages to bring it up with her friends.

DeGeneres asked Spade about his love life and he revealed that he recently went through a bit of a tough break-up recently. Spade says he is the problem in every situation and that he messed it up. In order to get back out there, Spade says he went to Macy's in the Valley to get a new shirt.

He says he goes to the Valley because he's about 8% more famous there. He says he was looking in the mirror and knew how he looked but looking at yourself in the octagon gave him a different perspective.

Spade says he was a little starstruck when he saw Adele for the first time. He was having sushi and told DeGeneres that she came in with her squad and he could tell she was so pretty without makeup. He told himself he wouldn't say anything until he got a little alcohol in him. Spade saw that Adele had a bodyguard and a curtained room so he walks up and explains who he is.

Spade said he didn't give her the cornball "hello," instead he gave her more of a "wazzahhp" to lighten things up a bit. He was reluctant to have his phone out because Adele was eying it so he slowly put it back into his pocket.

He says he told her he was pretty good-looking in America and joked a little more, however, when she invited him to a show at the Staples Center, he told her the month would be tough for him, which he blamed on being under the influence.

It was also awkward because he stayed a minute or four too long. You can watch David Spade tell his hilarious stories including his Adele run-in in the video below.

Watch David Spade Tell Ellen DeGeneres About His Adele Encounter

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