Mariah's World Recap Episode 1: Is Her World As Over The Top As We Think?

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In Episode 1 of E!'s Mariah's World, we get to see the diva's private life, and the ins and outs of her entourage.

Bianca Storm, Mariah Carey's arch nemesis introduces the documentary series.

Once we see Mariah, she inserts a gratuitous complaint about the lack of privacy in her life before giving us all of the details on her extravagant lifestyle.

Mariah also introduces us to her relationship with James Packer and their impending marriage.

Mariah spends time on a yacht that James Packer lent her. She also spends a lot of time with Shawn, her nephew, who can attest to what a hard life Mariah had before she became famous.

We learn that Mariah moved to Manhattan when she was a teenager and got her start a couple of years later.

We then meet Stella. Stella is Mariah's manager, and she and Mariah are inseparable.

Stella tells us that Mariah is going to be going on a world tour, which will be a huge production, but she notes that her main objective is to make Mariah money.

To help out with the tour, Stella hires a new assistant and tells her that she can't date for the first year that she works on the job.

Mariah is trying to plan a wedding while she organizes the details of her tour: she works on her set list for each country, which is a major challenge, and at the same time, she has a fitting for a wedding dress that was made for her.

Next, we meet Anthony who's going to be the creative director for Mariah's tour. He talks about the fact that Mariah just finished up her Vegas residency and is going to be launching a world tour just 2 weeks later.

When Mariah rehearses with her dancers, we meet Brian Tanaka, whom Mariah has had a close relationship with in the past. Some of the other dancers get cut because Stella needs to keep to a budget.

Kristopher is Mariah Carey's personal makeup artist. He talks about the fact that Stella is new to Mariah's camp. Still, Mariah is grateful to have someone on her team who is straight with her and doesn't waste valuable money.

Stella has a tough conversation with Mariah about postponing her wedding. Unfortunately, because of the upcoming tour, Mariah has to make a difficult choice.

At the same time, Molly, Stella's new assistant, has a conversation with her boyfriend about his needing to "go away" as part of the requirements of her new job. He takes the news pretty easy.

Finally, Mariah decides to postpone the wedding and heads to a training session to practice some key moves on her tour.

Soon, it's time for an opening night, and Anthony is fastidious about checking up on every detail. However, it turns out Mariah is late for rehearsal because her nanny's passport got packed in her suitcase.

Meanwhile, Molly has a tough time setting up the Apple TV in Mariah's hotel room and begins to cry, despite the fact that Stella told her that she doesn't tolerate crying.

The pressure is on! Will Mariah be able to pull off her first concert? Stay tuned.