'Girl Meets World' Renewal Watch: Is Sabrina Carpenter Returning for a Fourth Season?

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Sabrina Carpenter has been working hard on her music and spending lots of time touring.

Nevertheless, she took some time out from her work to answer a few questions, like what her favorite movie is, where she would like to live, and more.

Sabrina Carpenter's 'Girl Meets World' Still Up In The Air

Unfortunately one thing that went unanswered was whether Girl Meets World would be returning for season 4.

Sabrina Carpenter's Q-and-A comes amidst a backdrop of questions about Girl Meets World's potential fourth season. Disney has said previously that they would answer the question in last 2016 or early 2017, but we haven't heard anything official yet.

Recently, Sabrina Carpenter's co-star on the show, Rowan Blanchard, talked about the importance of the lessons that kids learn from the show.

She tweeted, "So important 4 our gen to be a voice of hope/change & learn from each other. Hoping we continue to have that chance." She followed that with a hashtag for Girl Meets World season 4.

Several news outlets have made assertions about whether Girl Meets World would be renewed.

For example, CounselHeal.com, reports that "Good news awaits "Girl Meets World" fans as the popular Disney series has been renewed." However, there is no official word from Disney about Girl Meets World's renewal.

Also, there is no independent corroborating evidence that any decision has been made regarding the show.

Sabrina Carpenter Does Impression of Maya Hart from 'Girl Meets World'

Sabrina Carpenter, did however answer several other questions. For example, someone asked her to do an impression. After thinking for a minute, Sabrina Carpenter responded with this:

In the video, Sabrina Carpenter says "I love being rebellious and I love Riley Matthews..mmm...whoa..." She then says with a serious expression that that was her impression of Maya Hart from Girl Meets World.

Sabrina Carpenter Shares Her Favorite Song To Perform

In the same Q-and-A session, Sabrina Carpenter was asked what her favorite song to perform is. She responded that her favorite was "Thumbs," because of the audience interaction. You can listen to "Thumbs" below.

Another of Sabrina Carpenter's favorite songs to perform is "On Purpose." "On Purpose" was the first single off her second album, EVOLution, and received critical acclaim from across the music industry.

Sabrina Carpenter Discusses Spreading Positivity and Love

Sabrina Carpenter also answered a question about how she feels about being looked up to and being an inspiration. She answered "I hope that if people do [look up to her] then they take away positivity...That's my message."

In addition to that, Sabrina said that the world needs more love, and that she hopes her fans are "loving the world as much as I love them."

What a classy answer!

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