Persona 5: The Animation Episode 24 Recap/Review: 'A Challenge That Must Be Won'

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The Phantom Thieves are the number one suspects for the murder of Okumara. They do not have any sufficient evidence of their own to free their name.

The only plan they have now is to get inside the palace of Sae Nijima who is the older sister of Makoto.

Sae is currently in charge of The Phantom Thieves investigation and she is the only person that could clear their names from all charges.

As of right now, The Phantom Thieves are being framed so Sae is the only law enforcement official that isn’t corrupt. Anyway, Akechi is working with The Phantom Thieves and he seems friendly with the others so far.

The palace that Sae Nijima is using is a casino and the good guys have to make it to the top of the tower in order to attain her treasure.

This is easier said than done because she knows they are coming for her and she will not back down without putting up a big fight.

Before they get her treasure though, The Phantom Thieves think of a plan to get to her first.

There’s still three more weeks until their time is up so the team goes back to the real world in order to think what their big next move should be.

One big blunder The Phantom Thieves have in the real world is that Sojiro Sakura finds a calling card inside of Futaba’s room.

This is really bad because there’s a real strong chance that Sojiro Sakura might find out that they are The Phantom Thieves!

Anyway, back in the metaverse, The Phantom Thieves are inside Sae’s palace again playing through the casino games in order to gain access to more rooms.

Things aren’t going well in their favor, but they have to play the games in order to succeed.

The rest of the episode has nothing to do with the palace which I thought I was odd.

Instead, it transitions to another side story where Futaba’s uncle comes to try and take Futaba home with him.

Luckily his plan fails because there is evidence that he made bad investments from all the money he received for child support.

Child support services then investigates Sojiro to see if he has been abusing both Futaba and Ren in his care.

Luckily for Sojiro, Futaba and Ren tell the truth and he’s allowed to keep both of them in his care. The issue with Futaba is finished so she should be healthy again to help the team out.

Sojiro even finds out the two characters are actually The Phantom Thieves, but he keeps it a secret! He loves The Phantom Thieves because they were able to change Futaba’s heart to make her feel like a normal girl again.

This week’s episode was interesting, although I was hoping there would be more footage of the team inside the casino. It looks like we won’t see them succeed until next week’s episode instead.

Still, this week’s episode was cool to watch in order to see how kind Sojiro is as a character.

I like the fact that he knows they are The Phantom Thieves, but still won’t tell anyone about it. Anyway, Persona 5: The Animation is continuing and thankfully no major story arcs have been forgotten about so far.

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