Ronnie The Limo Driver Gets Engaged on the Howard Stern Show

It's a glorious day for Flat Ronnie, wait, we mean Ronnie the Limo Driver. He popped the question to his girlfriend Stephanie Carney live on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

After the Stern Show crew badgered Ronnie the Limo Driver about his sex life the got on him about proposing to his girlfriend, now fiance Stephanie Carney.

They began coming up with hypothetical situations in which Ronnie would propose to her and then when Sal Governale asked Ronnie how he would propose something magical happened.

"Ronnie told her to go into the office room and open up the closet in there. Stephanie did that and Ronnie had her grab something off the shelf," according to MarksFriggin.

"Ronnie said in the right sneaker there's a box. He said it says Steven Singer on it. It was an engagement ring. Stephanie asked if that's what it is.

Ronnie said there you go. He said it's been sitting there for a while.

He said he went to Steven Singer to pick up a few things. He said they have been talking about it and now he's giving her the ring."

Ronnie confirmed that he was in fact proposing to her on air and Stern was actually the one who made a speech for Ronnie. Stephanie said yes to Ronnie and was shaking and crying from her description during the phone call.

The ring actually fit perfectly according to Stephanie and just like that the Stern Show had a pretty monumental moment.

Ronnie actually said that it was a surprise to him that he even went through with the proposal. Congrats to Ronnie and Stephanie.

While Stern congratulated Ronnie and Stephanie he said the proposal could have been more romantic. Ronnie told Stephanie that he loves her as Stern said that they were a beautiful couple and let Stephanie go because she was still in shock.

Fans have been taking to Twitter to congratulate Ronnie and Stephanie. Even Stern Show fan and former guest Jillian Barberie showed the couple her support and well wishes.