'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After': Are Chantel and Pedro Faking Their Blowouts for the Cameras?

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If you've kept up with "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" then you know that Pedro and Chantel have probably been the couple with the most drama this season.

Between Chantel's family judging Pedro's family way too harshly, Pedro and Chantel having blowout fights and Chantel practically coming to blows with Pedro's sister, it's clear that this couple simply shouldn't be getting married.

That's especially true considering the timing of all of these events.

Chantel and Pedro actually had all of these things happen before their wedding day.

And they still managed to hold hands through a tour of their wedding venue the next day. So the situation begs the question: Are Chantel and Pedro faking their drama for the cameras?

Chantel has actually gone to great lengths to disguise her name and life.

Chantel isn't her real name (Ce'Air is her real name) and she's isn't easily found through social media, like most reality stars.

A number of fans on Twitter have also talked about the idea that Chantel wants to get into acting and is on 90 Day Fiance in order to promote her career.

Chantel's face certainly supports this idea, given how different it looks this season and the question of whether she might have gotten some extensive Botox in order to make her career dreams come true.

The other strange thing about recent episodes is that Chantel seems genuinely excited to give Pedro's family the gifts that they purchased for them. And on Sunday's episode, Chantel got over her major fight with Pedro a little too quickly.

How does one question one's marriage to someone then go through with a wedding ceremony the next day.

It seems everyone on 90 Day Fiance this season had had some sort of drama that's been repeated over and over again. And it looks like for Chantel and Pedro, that drama has been their families' conflict.

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