Supergirl "Reigns" In Odette Annable As Season 3 Villain

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Supergirl just wrapped up her second season last Monday, the first on The CW, which saw her facing off against the villainous Rhea of Daxam (Teri Hatcher) in a final showdown for Earth.

After saving the day, the very end of the episode gave us a tease of the main villain for the upcoming third season and just who that villain will be has been confirmed and we know just who is playing her.

The aforementioned scene in the finale flashed back to the destruction of Krypton where Kara was sent away to Earth, but we see another area of the planet where another pod is being sent as well with a tease about the villain growing strong and reigning on Earth.

This brought a lot of speculation on if this could be a take on Doomsday for this show, or more likely the Supergirl equivalent of Doomsday known as Reign, the latter of which has been confirmed.

According to TVLine, Odette Annable is joining the cast of Supergirl as Reign, the main villain of season 3.

Reign in the comics is known as one of the "Worldkillers," which were biological weapons created on Krypton that survived the destruction of the planet, though it's very likely we'll see a very different take on that one with only Reign being shown leaving the planet in the finale.

With this announcement, executive producer Andrew Kriesberg released a statement about the casting, in which he said.

"Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Odette for years. We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign."

Reign follows the trend of having a female main villain for the second straight year, which is very fitting for what Supergirl is trying to do.

With this casting, one has to wonder if they may go the route of a Jekyll and Hyde type of character like we had with Doomsday on Smallville.

We will likely learn more about how Reign will play into season three at San Diego Comic-Con next month.

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