'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 2 Recap: The Disasters Continue

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Tonight was episode 2 of Little People, Big World, and we got to see the follow up to the shocking news from the last episode about Camarino's departure.

The episode starts off with Amy and Matt talking about Camarino's departure and the impact on them.

Amy then delivers the news that the State has ordered the Roloffs to stop using their wells.

This is a huge problem given that the pumpkin patch is heavily reliant on well water, and this is their big business for the fall.

We then learn what Tori and Zach are up to during the summer.

It's going to be their first wedding anniversary so they want to plan special events. At the same time Zach doesn't want to leave his father alone on the farm.

Zach talks about getting the pumpkin operation started for the year.

Zach sees his father out on the farm on a mule and tells his dad he needs to take his recovery a lot more seriously.

So Zach says he's going to call Jeremy and get his help to get the farm under control.

Jeremy returns to the farm to help Zach out. Jeremy thinks it's important for Zach to do something to celebrate his anniversary, so he plans to step in.

Everyone is stressed on the farm because they are prohibited from using their well due to the permit issue.

A lack of water could kill the pumpkins and the farm with it, given their dependence on this business in the fall. Jeremy and Zach decide to hose the pumpkin plants off by hand.

Tori gets together with Amy to talk about her plans with Zach for their anniversary.

Tori and Zach get ready for their camping road trip and take off for an adventure. During the trip, they talk about having kids -- Tori feels it's her calling in life while Zach wants to make sure he gets to spend enough time with Tori. He also feels that his parents focused too much of their time on their children rather than working on their relationship.

Soon it's time for Tori and Zach to head to the Sentinel, the hotel that they stayed at the night of their wedding.

Tori wants to surprise Zach. They wind up having a wonderful time (along with Sully) at the Sentinel for the last night of their trip.

Meanwhile, Amy has a friend over for drinks, and she talks about setting her up on a date. Amy is anxious about the novelty of dating.

Amy ends up going to an event to mingle with some singles in her neighborhood. Amy has a lot of fun painting with a partner, Bob, and feels that he lightens up her attitude.

At the end of the episode, it finally rains, which is just what the pumpkin patch needed.

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