Kristen Bell Co-Hosts The Ellen Show

From the My Shiney Hiney commercial to playing a game of Foot Flickers with Michael Phelps and John Oliver, Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres seemed to have a blast as they co-hosted The Ellen Show together.

To open the show, DeGeneres and Bell critiqued a commercial and product for a cleaning tool called My Shiney Hiney.

The amount of punchlines that they had during the intro was incredible and got the crowd ready for a pretty stacked show ahead of them.

Bell and DeGeneres sat down with Cachet whose video of a beauty mask removal went viral for the most obvious reasons possible.

They aired a clip of the video where Cachet was having an incredibly hard time getting the mask off of her face. She told the two hosts that she only slept with it for an hour and she was terrified while taking it off.

She said it took about three minutes to take off but the video, which was viewed around 20 million times, was time-lapsed.

When 17-year-old Cachet went to school, everyone was talking about it including her principal who said they never laughed that hard before.

The it was on to a game of Foot Flicker with John Oliver and Michael Phelps. The prize at the end of the game was a wonderful toaster oven which was presented by Andy Zenor.

Phelps kicked things off as Bell followed, then Oliver.

I'll tell you what you want, what you really, really want is to watch my show tomorrow.

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The laughs didn't stop there. Bell and DeGeneres also had a Spice Girls audition to try and fill the two open spots in the group before they go on tour.

Together, Basil Spice (DeGeneres) and Fresh Garlic Spice (Bell) showed off their greatest dance moves to "Wanna Be." They made a great case for being the next up in the group.

They really seemed to have a ton of fun together. You can check out all of the highlights from Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres' co-hosting gig on The Ellen Show in the videos below.

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