First Lady Michelle Obama Co-Hosts The Ellen Show and Talks White House Memories

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First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by to help Ellen DeGeneres host The Ellen Show and during her visit, she not only co-hosted, but also revealed what some of her White House memories are going to be.

We've all been watching The Ellen Show for years and she wanted to make this particular show special. So, in keeping up with making history on The Ellen Show, DeGeneres announced she would be co-hosting with the First Lady.

The cheers erupted as DeGeneres joked what an honor it would be for the First Lady. DeGeneres then brought out her co-host, who, in the spirit of the show, showed off some dance moves.

DeGeneres thanked the First Lady for coming to the show and joked about how short she was in comparison.

As the opening of the show continued, the First Lady dubbed DeGeneres the First Lady of Television before the two broke into some slick dance moves and urged the crowd to get down with them.

The First Lady and DeGeneres then sat down for a little chat before the real co-hosting began.

When asked what she would miss the most after she left the White House, the First Lady replied the people. She was referring to the staff who have seen both of her daughters grow up in the White House.

She said they loved them and took care of them so it will be tough when they leave. She believes her daughters aren't quite sure how much they will miss the White House.

FLOTUS said she was proud of her daughters for the poise that they show along with their intelligence. DeGeneres said it was hard enough to raise children but to raise them in front of everyone and the public must be harder.

The First Lady said she did take her role seriously and she knows that kids are watching them. She wanted those who are watching them to see something they can be proud of.

DeGeneres added that both the POTUS and the FLOTUS should be very proud of what they have accomplished. She told the First Lady that they will miss them very much and that she is proud to call her a friend.

The First Lady added that she has so much hope for the nation and that the U.S. is the best country on Earth. You can watch First Lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres' chat and dance moves in the video below.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Introduce First Lady Michelle Obama As Her Co-Host

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and First Lady Michelle Obama's Interview

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