The Flash Movie May Have Been Delayed Again

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DC and Warner Bros have been wanting to release a movie based on The Flash character for several years now, but official production has yet to commence.

Now due to scheduling issues, it sounds like the movie has been delayed for an even longer period.

As reported by Variety, sources tell the website that production for The Flash movie might not even start until late 2019.

This is because actor Ezra Miller has to start working on the next Fantastic Beasts movie in July 2019, and there's no other time for him to do it.

Variety expects due to the delay, we might not see the release of The Flash movie until sometime in the year 2021.

DC and Warner Bros have been hastily putting things together after their original plans didn't work thanks to the weak Box Office performance from last year's Justice League movie.

The original plan was for a Justice League 2 movie to release in 2019 and The Flash movie was coming afterwards focusing on the 'Flashpoint' storyline.

Now Justice League 2 has been on hold indefinitely and The Flash movie is said to be a standalone film rather than an adaptation of Flashpoint.

That said, star Erza Miller is still expected to play the character of The Flash/Barry Allen for the foreseeable future.

It's just going to take a long time for the movie to get off the ground because Warner Bros has green-lit lots of other films instead.

In the meantime, fans of the character can still just check out The Flash TV show instead which is airing its fifth season on The CW network

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