Ellen DeGeneres Surprises The Summit Academy Charter School

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As her show continues to send out the message of being kind to one another, Ellen DeGeneres gave a couple of educators and The Summit Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, New York a huge surprise during The Ellen Show.

DeGeneres welcomed Natasha and Cheryl, two educators from the school down to talk about how they get 93 percent of their students to graduate and attend college, despite having the odds stacked against them.

Both women started the school after they met children who wanted to excel but wasn't given the proper educational tools and knowledge to do so.

They took it upon themselves to create a space where every child that wanted to go to college, could do so.

The educators raved about their kids and how much they are able to push on no matter what they are going through at home. The mission for these students is to go to, excel and graduate college.

This year, the school is challenging themselves to increase their success rate from 93 percent to 100 percent.

After the educators and quite frankly, inspirations described what kind of community the kids come from, DeGeneres surprised them with a video of students from the school who expressed how thankful they are to The Summit Academy Charter School.

DeGeneres invited both educators to come back to the show with some students to share the story and presented them with a check from Walmart for $25,000. You can watch the incredible story in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Surprises The Summit Academy Charter School