Eva Longoria Talks Refugees on 'The View' (Watch)

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Today on The View, Eva Longoria joined the hosts to discuss her directorial work as well as refugees.

Longoria explained that "It's very dangerous to deny" refugee status to people of some countries, because in a lot of countries, they could be killed quickly.

She also said that helping refugees "isn't an issue of Democrats and Republicans," since the hosts have debated refugee bans several times on the show.

Longoria also discussed what it means to be American. She said that she was a 9th generation American, and that people equate Latinos with illegal immigrants. Equating those two can hurt a lot of people.

Separately, the hosts discussed Longoria's directing debut. She recently directed an episode of Blackish and several other shows. She said that women are better directors than men because women are better at juggling many problems at once.

You can view the clip about refugees here:

You can view the clip about Longoria's directing work here:

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