Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Crisis On Earth-X Part 1

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Crossovers have been a major part of comic books for ages and naturally that would extend to other mediums, which we've seen in not only movies like the recent Justice League, but also with the various series in the Arrowverse.

In what has become a late November/early December tradition, all of the CW's DC shows have come together, this time with the bigger crossover so far in Crisis on Earth-X, which starts on Supergirl.

Rather than your usual previously on or intro, this episode jumps right into the action on the alternate Earth-X, where we see a masked archer slaughtering people with ease.

At this point, we see an Earth-X version of Jimmy Olsen pop up as Guardian, though with more of a Captain America like aesthetic on his shield.

This ends with the dark archer beating him handily and murdering him, leading into the intro screen for Crisis on Earth-X.

We then cut to a much more lighthearted segment where Iris tells Barry that not everyone has RSVPed for their wedding with one day to go until the wedding.

It was great seeing Barry fight King Shark here again, with it then cutting to Oliver fighting ninjas.

After that, we see a similar segment with the Legends as Sara asks if they remembered to RSVP from back in 1183 AD England.

Lastly, we see Kara fighting a Dominator on Earth-38, which was a nice touch as Kara says they were "these guys are so last year," as they were the villains in the crossover.

Back at Kara's apartment, Alex discovers an invitation to the wedding, where they decide to go, with Alex as the +1 instead of Mon-El for obvious reasons.

Now on Earth-1, we get the girls getting manicures before the wedding, complete with a funny Kara moment as they try to work on her.

We then get Barry and Oliver at the tuxedo shop as well, with a nice moment between the two, including a hilariously awful pun by Barry.

Both of these segments have mention of Oliver and Felicity potentially getting married as well, which continues to be a part of this crossover.

Back at Star Labs, Cisco and Wells reveal they have come up with a cure for Firestorm, which will allow Stein and Jax to separate themselves finally.

However, you can tell Jax is hesitant about this whole situation. I really enjoyed how this crossover wasn't just a standalone story for all of the shows, but rather brought in some really important storylines like the Firestorm situation.

The episode then goes back to Earth-X for a short segment, where we see not only this Dark Arrow character that is still masked, but also a partially off-screen obviously doppelganger of Supergirl telling them to hurry up on their plan.

One of the best parts of this crossover was the many moments between characters we haven't see interact in a long time.

The talk between Stein and Caitlin was a nice touch, as Stein used to be merged as Firestorm to Ronnie, who married Caitlin before he was tragically killed saving the world.

In true The Flash fashion, Barry and Iris's rehearsal dinner is at CC Jitters. We get some nice character moments here, including the always hilarious Mick making wisecracks.

This also included Sara meeting Alex, where they get plastered and end up making out outside while speeches are being given inside.

We also get a much needed scene between Kara and Barry as well, which still continue to have great chemistry together and I love seeing them being friends like this.

Stein reveals to Jax here that he reworked Cisco and Well's formula to give Jax powers of his own. This is very funny, as Stein says he mixed it with a spider, leading to yet another Marvel reference here.

In the end, all Stein says it would do is give him to the ability to stick to walls, which Jax is not happy about. You can tell there is more to it here though, which we will learn later.

Joe gives a very touching speech, which he has been known to do over the series to date. With him raising both Iris and Barry, this is really heartfelt as he explains how the love between those two has allowed him to love again.

For fans of The Flash, you can tell how happy he is here, showing how good of an actor Jesse L. Martin really are.

After this moment, Oliver speaks with Felicity and actually says "they should consider doing something along these lines." He says he wasn't going to actually get on his knee, but he wants them to get married.

Felicity says no, way too loud in fact, but she is against the actually getting married now. This was definitely weird, but it makes somewhat sense considering what happened the last time they got engaged.

The episode then cuts to the next day, where we see the leadup to the wedding.

It ends up that Sara and Alex slept together, which leads to a hilarious moment of them seeing each other again outside of the church and not remembering each other's names.

The fact that Mick slept at Stein's house is also hilarious, with a really funny moment here between the two.

Then comes the actual wedding itself, which has many classic moments.

One of my favorites was Mick entering the church and being asked which side he would be sitting on, in which he said he's tried to kill the groom twice, so he guesses he'll sit on the brides.

This ends up with him sitting next to Captain Singh, which is also interesting.

We get a very strange scene here also where a random girl, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, with glasses of water coming up to Barry.

You can tell there is something more to this character, with her being so nervous and talking about the wedding and how excited she was.

She has since been announced to be coming on The Flash With her being interracial, my guess is that she is either Dawn Allen, daughter of Barry and Iris, or Jenni Ognats, member of the Legion of Superheroes and granddaughter of Barry and Iris.

As Iris walks down the aisle, they give us a great callback with Kara singing the song Barry sang to Iris last year titled "Runnin' Home to You." Everything goes downhill from here though, as the pastor, who was played by The Greatest American Hero star William Katt in a nice cameo, is vaporizing by this Supergirl doppelganger, which leads to Nazi's attacking everybody.

This leads to an incredibly fight sequence in the church, with us not only getting the Dark Arrow and who is known as Overgirl, but also that world's version of Prometheus. We see everybody getting into the fight here, including Wally and Killer Frost even.

One of the best moments is when Cisco vibes Oliver up to the balcony to fight Dark Arrow. The fight choreography was top notch here and shows how far these shows have come.

Kara manages to get the upperhand on Overgirl, which causes Dark Arrow to call for a retreat.

As a result of the battle, Cisco is left unconscious, but they were able to capture Prometheus after Sara and Alex took him down.

What was disappointing here is that Wally gets sent away to protect the family, meaning we don't see him anymore for the rest of the crossover.

The episode ends with it being revealed that the minds got wiped at the wedding for those that saw what happened. Oliver says they must then go and make Prometheus talk to find out what is going on.

The episode then ends with Dark Arrow and Overgirl on a rooftop, where Reverse Flash, played here by Tom Cavanagh again, where he yells at them for being reckless.

It is then revealed here that Dark Arrow is actually Oliver's doppelganger from this world, as well as confirming that Overgirl is indeed Kara's doppelganger.

This first episode of the crossover was a downright joy to watch as a fan of these shows.

It may not have included every character, as a number of the Legends and Team Arrow were left out, but they handled the large cast well, including plenty of great character moments.

This is only the first of four episode though, so there is much more to come.

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