'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Chanel Pour Homme-icide,' Season 2 Episode 5

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Now, FOX's "Scream Queens" makes its return after a Halloween party gone wrong.

The killer has struck again but they are still far from done. Despite that business is going well and more clues to the killer's identity will be revealed in "Chanel Pour Homme-icide," the second season's fifth episode.

Dean Munsch must report the Halloween murders to the authorities. The unfortunate news has the opposite effect, when it draws in an influx of patients. Chanel has had enough doing grunt work.

She looks at the in coming patients for new recruits. Zayday and #5 learn about a person with ties to the hospital's past and go to investigate. One of the new patient's illness has the staff acting out.

Lead by Chanel, everyone else rushes towards the sounds of #5's pain-filled screams. They find Denise's body. Munsch wants to dump her body in the swamp.

However, there are too many bodies in the hospital that they have no other choice too call the authorities. Zayday and Munsch put Denise's body in the cryochamber built for Munsch if her disease got out fatal before the cure was found.

Denise isn't dead, just her brain. A week after the massacre, all the press has turned in the hospital's favor.

A new patient has a problem with changing accents multiple times during a conversation. Chanel and #3 are cleaning out bedpans when the head nurse comes with more nasty things. Chanel decides that they need less attractive minions.

Zayday finds out that Chamberlain wasn't hired by Munsch or anyone else in the hospital.

She's goes to research when she finds #5 alone in her room. Zayday agrees to take care of her if she'll help her search for the missing mother.

When no one answers their flyers, the Chanels start to interview the patients. They run out after the two. It forces Chanel to invite their uberfan, Tristan, who wrote fanfiction about them during their trial, to become a Chanel. Brock finds out that Foreign Accent Syndrome is in fact a real thing and has had 61 cases.

While discussing the syndrome, Brock, Cassidy, and #3 start taking on random accents. Chanel Pour Homme is already stealing #5's make-up.

Zayday has found a missing person's report filed by the potential mother. Hester requests her position back in the Chanel posse.

Chanel brings Hester back to their apartment. #5 and #3 are against it but they agree that she's probably the best hope for their survival. They plan to use the girl with Mobieus as bait for the Green Meanie.

After smelling Hester's perfume on an article of #5's clothing, Zayday questions her about it. She denies that they've had any contact with her.

Zayday and #5 interrogate the wife. She hasn't seen her child in years but the trip has only made Zayday more convinced that Chamberlain is the killer.

Brock believes that the patient is being affected by swelling in her brain and the cure for it is steroids. Zayday confronts Chamberlain but he insists that he's just a nice person and the hospital is the perfect setting for him to wheel his cart filled with happiness around. Brock thinks he, Cassidy, and #3 have Madonna Syndrome.

The cure is to lock themselves away for a weekend and watch American shows/movies. Cassidy says he can't make it. This leaves #3 and Brock with a weekend, locked in a room, alone.

Munsch tries to fire the head nurse on grounds of addiction and mistreatment of the Chanels. She blackmails Munsch with releasing the information about her disease. The Chanels throw a slumber party for their new recruits at the hospital, complete with pillow fights and make overs. They send their chosen sacrifice on a scavenger hunt alone. Chanel Pour Homme tells her that he wants the prize more so she goes back to the party. The Chanels and Hester rush down to the morgue but he's already dead. Hester seems pleased.

The Chanels go to Munsch about the new murder. She's okay with the new recruits and has even called in three of her own recruits for the Chanels. Munsch is not pleased that Hester is missing from her cell.

The Green Meanie attacks the new recruits and kills #11. The wife welcomes her son home. Her son who is Cassidy. Is he really even dead?

"Chanel Pour Homme-icide" was the first "Scream Queens" episode in weeks.

It finally answered the question of what happened to #5 after Denise's demise. They're all getting closer to the killer's identity but can they piece it together before the killer makes pieces out of them? Find out Tuesday's at 9pm.

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