Rachel Hilbert Spits, Sings About Getting Lil Dicky on Nick Cannon's 'Wild'n Out'

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Rapper and comedian Lil Dicky and Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert hit the stage with Nick Cannon tonight on MTV's Wild'n Out.

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Unlike a lot of the guests on Wild'n Out, Lil Dicky immediately joined the games with his trademark brand of rap and comedy.

Lil Dicky brought it from the beginning as the teams played Flow Job.

The goal of the game is to rap about a profession well enough so a Wild'n Out girl can guess it. Lil Dicky brought the platinum team a win by freestyling about being a plastic surgeon:

First things first I'm a slice your boobs
Shape them all good make em nice and new
I was in school eight years after college and
Just so I could fill them old lips up with collagen

Next, Rachel Hilbert came out to play "Talking Spit." In this game, the loser is the one who laughs and spits out the water first.

Nick spit first when Chico Bean came on stage and said: Rachel's mad that she's stuck on the side with "Lil Dicky" when she should be on my side with "Big Dicky." But Rachel spit immediately after when she was asked "you swallow too?"

But Nick spit again when Corey Holcomb came out and did an impression of Mariah Carey's famous Christmas song, losing the game.

Rachel and Lil Dicky beat Nick again in the next game with a freestyle: "She said she wanted a quickie on the plane... So I gave her 'Lil Dicky' on the plane."

But the best line of the night came during the Wild Style segment, when Lil Dicky got in Nick Cannon's face and said,

Coming up I wanted to be a comic, I wanted to be a rapper
I wanted to be a star I wanted to be a factor
I didn't know if I was talented enough to matter
Then I saw Nick Cannon I realized talent didn't matter

Then he finished with a flop:

Your team got sent home
This would be my life if everything went wrong
If I was just a little less funny
In a little worse rapper
With a lot less money
And a little bit madder
And a little bit dumber
And a lot of bit fatter
I'd probably be one of these people

You can watch the entire episode on MTV.com. If that doesn't work, someone posted it on Youtube:

Photo credit: Twitter/Rachel Hilbert

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