Macey Hensley Tells Ellen DeGeneres About Her Hamilton Experience

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Presidential expert Macey Hensley made another awesome appearance on The Ellen Show. This time, she spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about her experience while visiting the Hamilton show. Believe us, this is Macey being awesome as always.

Before she chatted about her Hamilton experience, DeGeneres asked Macey about her missing teeth. Macey told DeGeneres that she lost one tooth but was upset because she received a $2 bill.

She explained that she was happy to receive it, but couldn't actually spend it because it's good luck. She wrote a note to the tooth fairy apologizing for her reaction and got two $1 bills for being so honest.

Macey shared some of her Halloween pumpkins, one of which looked like Alexander Hamilton. She raved about the play but said that she had fallen asleep at the second half because of a time difference.

She explained that it would have been far past her bedtime. The show then rolled some footage of Macey backstage dishing out some presidential knowledge for the cast.

Macey was then able to get dressed up like a mini-Hamilton and enjoy a ton of fun with the cast members. You can check out all of Macey's fun-filled Hamilton adventure and visit to The Ellen Show in the video below.

This will put a smile on your face guaranteed.

Macey Hensley Tells Ellen DeGeneres About Her Hamilton Experience