Can Alien: Covenant Beat Prometheus At The Box Office?

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Alien: Covenant releases in North America and other countries this weekend a week after the movie released in Australia, New Zealand and others.

Alien: Covenant has earned over $40 million at the International Box Office already, but can it manage to gross more than 2012's Prometheus?

Despite Prometheus getting somewhat favorable reviews from some critics that are featured on Rotten Tomatoes, it is still a polarizing movie.

Some people loved the new direction and the themes that were presented in that movie. Others hated how the story doesn't answer many questions and that the film lacks any actual Alien horror.

Covenant is a more traditional Alien movie as it features Xenomorph(s) and horror fans will love the gore, blood and violence.

The movie feels more like a proper prequel to the Alien franchise as it explains several things that were not featured in Prometheus.

It's also a film that is easy to understand even if you did not watch Prometheus or any other Alien movie before.

However, the Box Office intake for Covenant in countries outside of North America has been mixed. In some markets, the movie earned more money than Prometheus. In other markets, the movie grossed less in its opening weekend compared to Prometheus.

This coming weekend is the movie's opening in North America and the marketing for the film has not been as heavy as Prometheus. Early estimates suggest the movie could earn around $37 million to $40 million in its opening weekend.

This is over $10 million less than Prometheus earned in its opening weekend five years ago. Not to mention Prometheus earned over $404.3 million worldwide.

At its current rate, Alien Covenant may earn just close to $100 million in North America and just over $300 million worldwide.

I just don't see this movie grossing more than Prometheus even though Covenant is the better movie.

It's possible 20th Century Fox waited too long to green light a sequel and the polarizing reception of Prometheus may have turned off others from seeing it.

For all you know I could be wrong and Convenant could earn more than Prometheus. However, the current projections think otherwise.

It's a shame since this film gives us the proper Alien experience. It will be interesting to see if 20th Century Fox allows Ridley Scott to make another prequel, or if they go ahead and develop Alien 5 instead.

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